Labrador West is one of the best places to invest in North America!

A strong industrial market exists with niche markets still waiting to be filled. Markets continue to expand as a result of new mineral, hydro and transportation developments.

A Climate for Investment

Programs and services provided by federal, provincial and municipal governments, provide a positive climate for investment. Businesses in Labrador West enjoy:

  • ┬áCompetitive Tax Environment
  • Incentive and Support Programs for Business and Industry
  • Municipal Services

Labrador City and Wabush have gained world recognition in the mining and natural resource sector.

100+ Years of Mining Success

The business sector has been making the Labrador West area its Labrador connection since 1890 – and with impressive results. It was in 1890 that prospectors first staked a claim to the extensive trough of iron ore. As the earth began to yield its mineral treasures, drill camps and float planes gave way to a bustling modern community. Early entrepreneurs in this subarctic region have reaped returns on their investment thousands of times over.

Today’s investor can look forward to even greater opportunities. The development of new mineral deposits, the development of the Lower Churchill hydro project and the construction of the Trans Labrador Highway provide unique opportunities for quality industrial suppliers.

Since the early 1960’s, the iron ore riches of the earth continue to be mined and processed within Labrador West with reserves in excess of 100 years. Opportunities for expansion and investment in the newest technologies are ongoing. Most importantly, the local iron ore mines recognize local presence as a value-added commodity and this trend has translated into new suppliers establishing in the area. Market niches still exist ready to be filled by the local supply sector.

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