Labrador West is the Mining Centre of the Atlantic Region!

Iron ore production is the region’s primary resource; however the sector continues to diversify with alternative mineral outputs such as iron ore concentrate and pellets, dolomite and most recently silica/quartzite.

Promising finds have been made in graphite and active exploration is underway.

New discoveries of nickel, copper and cobalt have been made both north and south of Labrador West. Labrador has become a focus of attention as a result of the massive nickel discovery at Voisey’s Bay.

Labrador West is strategically situated to service Voisey’s Bay and other mining developments throughout Labrador and Northern Quebec. The Voisey’s Bay discovery and continued exploration activity is testament to Labrador’s overwhelming wealth of resources just waiting to be discovered. The Provincial Department of Natural Resources can provide you with more details on Labrador’s spectacular geology.

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