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The Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program is a Newfoundland and Labrador provincial High School Completion program for adult learners, and is comprised of three levels: Level I refers to basic literacy and is considered equivalent to grades K-6; Level II is considered equivalent to grades 7-9; Level III is considered equivalent to grades 10-12. Students are required to successfully complete a minimum of 36 credits in order to graduate.

These profiles will have the advantage of educating students about their post-secondary options and reinforcing the connection between the ABE program and employment and training prospects.

ABE is also available to high school graduates who would like to do specific courses as required for entrance into post-secondary programs. Students needing six or fewer credits for graduation may be eligible to transfer ABE Level III credits back to high school and receive a Newfoundland and Labrador High School Diploma.

ABE Level III graduates are eligible to attend post-secondary institutions within Newfoundland and Labrador, and elsewhere in Canada. Students should check the entrance requirements for any post-secondary program with specific institutions to ensure the correct courses are completed in ABE Level III.

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Jackie White Tel: 709-944-7897 Fax: 709-637-2139

121 Matthew Ave.Unit 1006, Colby BuildingLabrador West, NLA2V2A2

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