Labrador has been carved through thousands of years of glacial activity. It is rich with pristine and diverse wildlife with 42 native animals. The townsite is surrounded by forest, comprised mostly of evergreen trees, as well as picturesque mountains and crystal clear lakes. And this type of landscape spans outward for miles. It is, and always has been, a paradise for the adventurous and ideal for outdoor activities. It is a dream for snowboarders, skiers, hunters, fishers, photographers, hikers, campers and mountain bikers.

Located 53 degrees north of the equator, our town experiences a climate characterized by long, cold winters and short mild summers. Our temperatures range from about -40 degrees Celsius to +25 degrees Celsius with a mean winter temperature of -20 degrees Celsius and a mean summer temperature of 17 degrees Celsius. While the temperatures may seem extreme, the dry climate is well suited to residents who enjoy walking all year round.

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