Since its beginning, the Labrador West Region has offered an exceptionally high quality of life. While the economy on the island portion of the province was slow due to a declining fishery, the Labrador West region offered above average incomes. Median household incomes in Labrador West are nearly double the provincial median. The local workforce is predominantly employed in the mineral sector and education and experience of the workforce support mining industry. The mining sector dominates the economy in Labrador West and 36% of the local workforce has skills and trades to support this industry.

New job creation in the mining sector results in a 1:1 ratio for employment opportunities in the service sector. For resource-based projects, Labrador residents are hired first. Impact Benefits Agreements for industrial projects have created serious competition for the same small, local workforce. The mining community in Labrador West must compete for workers with projects like Muskrat Falls, Voisey’s Bay, and the offshore oil industry.

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