With summer upon us, residents will begin to see town employees out and about our community working hard to keep the community clean, beautiful, and safe. While we continue to make every effort to ensure we meet our goals within an acceptable time frame, we can sometimes experience challenges that are out of our control.

This year, the Department of Public Works is facing delays in line painting due to a supply chain shortage of the raw material required for manufacturing. While the paint order has been placed since February, we have no confirmation to date as to when the item will be received and unfortunately, the regular supplier has been unable to stock enough product to meet demand.


Kevin Cook of Ennis Flint PPG explains the situation as follows,

“Manufacturing shutdowns and logistics constraints have impacted vital supply chain pipelines
used in most products. Some raw materials are impacted by international crises resulting from
geopolitical instabilities and continued COVID epidemics.

Inbound and outbound carrier logistics are constrained on supply and unprecedented inflation
due to driver labor shortages and fuel costs. These shortages throughout the value chain are
affecting multiple product lines and the global supply chains remain disrupted.”


We remain hopeful that we will receive our full order in a timely fashion, in the meantime, we are moving forward with a contingency plan to complete line painting in the most essential high traffic areas over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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